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Xingyu Digital pressure switch used in air application only ,Which designed Double LCD display ,4-digital measurement value,unit display,output status display ,Voltage range 12V-24V DC ,Regular thread is R thread ,G thread can be choosed if you required
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Product Details

Model DPS-201 Compound Pressure DPS-210 Positive Pressure
Pressure Measurement Range of Measurement -100kPa ~ 100kPa -0.100MPa~1.000MPa
Setting Range -100kPa ~ 100kPa -0.100MPa~1.000MPa
Pressure-resistance 500kPa 1.500MPa
Pressure Types Non-flammable,non-corrosive gas,gauge pressure measurement
Measurement Accuracy ≤±2%F.S.(Ambient temperature 25℃)
Temperature Error ≤±3%F.S.(Temperature range 0~50℃)
Measurement Pattern Hysteresis mode
Compare mode of upper and lower bounds
Pressure Interface External R1/8,NPT1/8,G1/8 option,internal thread M5
Pressure Display Brief Description Double LCD display
Status Display 4-digital measurement value,unit display,output status display
Display Mode Adjustable backlight, 4 groups of display models
Input Power Voltage Range 12~24VDC ±10%
Consumed Power 40mA Max(non-load)
Output Signal Transistor Output NPN open-collector output
Output current:80mA MAX
Voltage drop:≤1V
PNP open-collector output
Output current:80mA MAX
Voltage drop:≤1V
Analog Output Voltage output
Singal ampliude:1 ~ 5V
Load resistace: ≥ 1KΩ
Current output
Singal ampliude: 4~20 mA
Load resistace: ≤ 400 Ω
Response Time Adjustable:2.5ms,20ms,100ms,500ms,1000ms,2000ms
Short-circuit Protection Yes
Environmental Resistance IP Level IP40
Environmental Temp Operating temperature 0~50℃,storage temperature-20~60℃
Environmental humidity Environmental humidity
Insulation Voltage 1000VAC 1min
Insulation Resistance ≥50MΩ(500VDC)
Impact Resistance Max 100m/s2,3 times each in6 directions of X.Y and Z
Vibration Resistance Amplitude 1.5mm.10HZ~500HZ,2 hours each direction of X.Y and Z


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