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XINGYU E/P Regulator is automation components with High performance LED display,low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection ,Widely used in Tension control ,Flow control,Position Control ,Pressure control etc application.
Propotional valves has high performance LED display, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, widely used in tension control, flow control, position control, pressure and so on.
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Model EPV2-1 EPV2-3 EPV2-5
Min.pressre supply Set pressure +0.1Mpa
Max.pressre supply 0.2Mpa 1.2Mpa
Set pressure range 0.005~0.1Mpa 0.005~0.5Mpa 0.005~0.9Mpa
Power supply Voltage Range DC:24V 10%
Current DC24V:0.12A Max
Input Current type DC4-20mA.DC0-20mA
Voltage type DC0-5V,DC0-10V
Preset type
Input resistance Current type Below 250Ω
Voltage type Approx. 6.5KΩ
Preset type Preset input type 24VDC approx.4.7KΩ
Output Analog output
      DC1-5V(load impedance:over1KΩ)
   DC4-20mA(load impedance:below250Ω)
Output precision within range the range of 6%F.S.
Switch output
      NPN-OC output type:30mA
      PNP-OC output type:30mA
Orifice φ7.3mm
Linear 1%F.S.
Hysteresis 0.5%F.S.
Repeatability 0.5%F.S.
Temperature characteristic 2%F.S.
Display Precision 2%F.S.
Division 1000division
Ambient temperature 0-50℃
Preotection class IP65

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