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4V300 Seriers valve which is Pilot type soleniod valve ,Including G1/4 and G3/8 connector port or NPT type ,Can work at 1.5-8bar ,Thread type and Namur type are available, in this series ,4V320-10 Pnuematic valve is most regular item for Thread type ,And 4V310-08B is Most regular item for Namur type

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Product Details

Ordering Code

Mode 4V310-08 4V320-08 4V330C-08 4V330E-08 4V330P-08 4V310-10 4V320-10 4V330C-10 4V330E-10 4V330P-10
4A310-08 4A320-08 4A330C-08 4A330E-08 4A330P-08 4A310-10 4A320-10 4A330C-10 4A330E-10 4A330P-10
Type 5/2 5/3 5/2 5/3
Flow rate 25mm2(Cv=1.40) 18mm2(Cv=1.00) 30mm2(Cv=1.68) 18mm2(CV=1.0)
Model 3V310-08 3V320-08 3A310-08 3A320-08 3V310-10 3V320-10 3A310-10 3A320-10
Type 3/2 3/2
Flow rate 25mm2(Cv=1.40) 30mm2(Cv=1.68)
Connection ports Inlet = Outlet = Exhaust = G1/4" Inlet = Outlet = G3/8" Exhaust = G1/4"
Media Clean air
Working type Pilot
Working pressure 0.15 ~ 0.8MPa
Max. pressure 1.2MPa
Ambient temp -5 ~ 50℃
Voltage tolerance ±10%
Power AC:4.5VA DC:3W
Insulation class
Protection class
F class. IP65
Terminal Flying Lead Or Din43650B PIN
Frequency 5 cycles/s
Response time 0.05s

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