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No.1 Administration Building

No.2 Dining hall & dormitory building

No.3 Building

No.4 Building

No.5 Building

No.6 Building

No.7 Building

No.1 Administration Building
Show Room
Show Room 1
Our Honor
Our Honor 1
VIP Meeting Room
export dept. Office
Technical dept. Office
No.2 Dining hall & dormitory building
Recreation room 1
Recreation room 2
No.3 Building
Assembly Group
Automatic Assembly Machine
automatic coil winding machine
Coil casting Workshop
Coil casting machine
New automatic coil winding machine
Test Machine
No.4 Building
Actuator Assembly group
Actuator Assembly and Testing group
Actuator Testing Machine
Solenoid valve Assembly Group
machining workshop
machining workshop 1
machining workshop 2
machining workshop 3
Machining workshop 4
No.5 Building
Automoible valve workshop
Automoible valve workshop 1
Laboratory room
No.6 Building
Core workshop
Core workshop 1
Core workshop 2
Fully Automatically Core workshop
Digital Pressure switch testing machine
Digital Pressure switch Workshop
Digital Pressure switch Workshop 1
Digital Pressure switch Workshop 2
Timer aging test
No.7 Building
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