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Air separation industry

It is called for air separation, separating oxygen, nitrogen, and rare gas (such as argon) from the air. In order to meet the needs of metallurgical, petrochemical, electronics, aviation, aerospace, coal chemical and so on industries. This equipment that separates the air is called air separation equipment. Common methods of air separation include low temperature method (or cryogenic method), pressure swing adsorption, membrane separation. Among them, the low temperature separation is the traditional method of oxygen making, which occupies a dominant position in the oxygen industry at home and abroad. Especially in the large-scale production of high purity oxygen, nitrogen, argon and liquid products, it has the competitive advantage that cannot be replaced.

Moreover, only low temperature separation has the ability to produce oxygen, nitrogen, argon or other rare gas products at the same time. Therefore, low temperature method plays a very important role in the industrial application of air separation. Its principle is to compress, cool and liquefy the air firstly. It utilizes the difference of the boiling point of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, makes air and liquid contact on the tower tray or fill material of the rectifying tower, carries out materials and heat exchange, and finally separates to obtain the oxygen, nitrogen, argon and the like which meet the purity requirements.

The RJQ22 series bevel valves produced by XingyuRfs are widely used in this kind of industry, the valve seat and valve stem are made of stainless steel material with superior anti-rust ability.

Using imported iron ferron as a seal which has an excellent performance for high temperature and corrosive environment. Valve seat with bevel design to reduce the flow resistance, large flow. Actuator can be rotated to meet the installation requirements of different environments.

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