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Angle Seat Valve

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Plastic Head Angle Seat Valve

  • Corrosion Resistance: The plastic head offers excellent resistance to corrosion, making these valves ideal for handling aggressive media, including acids, alkalis, and saline solutions.

  • Lightweight Construction: Being made of plastic, these valves are lighter than their metal counterparts, which facilitates easy installation and handling.

  • Chemical Compatibility: The plastic material is typically resistant to a wide range of chemicals, reducing the risk of degradation and leaks when used with corrosive fluids.

  • Angle Seat Design: This design ensures a high flow rate and reduced fluid resistance, providing efficient flow control and minimizing pressure drop across the valve.

  • Pneumatic Actuation: Like other angle seat valves, these often feature pneumatic actuation for fast response times and compatibility with automated control systems.

Plastic Angle seat valve Datesheet

ThreadG3/8"- G2-1/2"
Working typesingle acting, double acting
Valve materialstainless steel 316
Actuator materialplastic
Valve core sealPTFE
Valve stem sealPTFE/FKM
Applicable mediumwater, liquid, neutral gas, oil water steam, weak acid or weak alkalis solution
Medium temperature-10℃~180℃
Environment temperature-10℃~60℃
PatternNC, NO
Visciditymax.600mm 2/S
Installationany position
Controlling mediumair or neutral gas
Controlling pressure range0.3~1Mpa
Liquid Working pressure0~1Mpa

Overall Dimension

Plastic Head Angle Seat Valve

Product Details

ModelActuator sizeABCDEFH
RJQ22P63-3263213.5227G1 1/4117.55079.5G1/4
RJQ22P63-4063213.5227G1 1/2117.55579.5G1/4
RJQ22P80-4080229243.5G1 1/2117.555100G1/4
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