Drain Valve

Drain Valve

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A drain valve is a device that allows fluid to be easily and quickly emptied from a system or container. 

Drain valves are found on air compressors and other types of equipment. 

Drain valves  functions:

1.Purging air tanks

Drain valves can purge air tanks.

2.Removing condensed water

Automatic drain valves (ADVs) can automatically remove condensed water from the lowest point of a tank.

3.Removing excess water vapor

Drain valves allow excess water vapor to exit the tank and reach the atmosphere.

4.Reducing wear on equipment

By removing excess moisture, drain valves can reduce wear on equipment powered by compressed air systems.

5.Removing mixtures of compressor lubricants and water

Automatic drain valves (ADVs) can remove mixtures of compressor lubricants and water from compressed air systems. 

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