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With combined filter ball valve

timer drain solenoid valve Suitable for automatic discharge of condense water in many occasions and automatic irrigation system;
timed drain valve with ball valve protect impurities from condensate;
Electric auto valve with strainer has compact structure, competitive price;
Automatic drain with strainer valve is with timer to control valve open and close automatically,widely used in Air compressor system.
Drain strainer valve with timer XY-790,XY-3800,XY-720 for option;
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Product Details

Model PS
Vlave style 2/2 Direction action
Working pressure 0-16Bar
Working Temp. -5℃~80℃
Valve body Brass
Orifice 4mm
Seal material NBR/VITON
Voltage 24~240V DC/AC +/-10%
Power AC22VA/DC20W

Overall Dimension

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