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Dust collector industry

Dust removal equipment refers to equipment that separates dust from smoke, also known as dust collector equipment. Dust removal equipment uses the compressed air duct road, introduce wind pressure, complete a series of technological processes through the special equipment, so that separates the dust, smoke and other harmful substances to achieve the goal of environmental protection. Purification mechanism of negative pressure filter bag is to use the boiler inducer to form the negative pressure and negative flow of flue gas of dust collector system. Filter bag dust collector has the filter functions such as inertia collision, screen filter (contact resistance to stay), capturing, collecting and static electricity. And it can effectively capture the soot and suspended particulates of coarse particles (≥10μm) and small particles (the maximum harm to the human body with particle size of <5μm). This is the outstanding advantage of it. Filter bag clean ash, after the dust collector machine runs for a period of time, the surface of filter bag adheres and accumulates a certain thickness of soot, by controlling the blow back valve can clear cloth bag surface soot. RMF/Y/Z/Q series pulse valves produced by XingyuRfs, as the power source of the dust removing, powered by compressed air, can remove the sticky and dust on the surface of the bag or filter, to achieve the purpose of dust removal continuously.

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