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  • RMF-Z-20 / 25

RMF-Z-20 / 25

TPU seal,3/4" and 1"

Electromagnetic valve body through a wire coil input pulse signal, the pulse valve is controlled by the controller output signal of pulse injection, rely on two air chamber pressure changes before and after the valve, make the rubber diaphragm flexure torsion deformation of pulse valve opening and closing.
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Product Details

Model RMF-Z-20 RMF-Z-25
Working Pressure 0.3 ~ 0.8 Mpa
Ambient Temperature -5 ~ 55 ℃
Relative Humidity <85%
Working Medium Clean Air
Voltage AC110V/AC220V/DC24V
Diaphragm Life Over One Million Cycles
Orifice φ 20 φ 25
Connection Port G3/4" G1"

Overall Dimension

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