Float Type Drain Valve

Float Type Drain Valve

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What is Float Type Drain Valve?

Float Type Drain Valve is a valve that uses the float principle for automatic drainage. It is often used in compressed air systems and liquid storage tanks to effectively remove liquid and condensate in the system.


Automatic drainage: Using the float principle, it can automatically detect the liquid level and drain the water without manual intervention, improving drainage efficiency and system stability.

High reliability: simple design, stable structure, not susceptible to external interference, and strong reliability.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Effectively eliminate condensation water and liquid in the system, prevent system blockage and corrosion, extend the service life of equipment, and save energy at the same time.

Wide applicability: It is suitable for various compressed air systems, gas systems and liquid storage tanks, and can meet the drainage needs of different scenarios.

Easy to install and maintain: Easy to install and maintain, reducing labor costs and maintenance cycles.

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