Hydraulic Coil

Hydraulic Coil

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Are you looking for the suitable  hydraulic  coil?  We, XINGYU, focus on the development and manufacture of various  hydraulic coils and provide clients with customized solutions at very favourable prices.As China's top solenoid valve coil manufacturer,In the following aspects, we can provide customers with various choices to meet your special needs.

What is Hydraulic Coil?

Hydraulic Coil, also known as hydraulic coil or hydraulic solenoid coil, is an electromagnetic device that generates a magnetic field through electricity to control the opening and closing of hydraulic valves. It is an important part of the solenoid valve in the hydraulic system.

Functions and features:

Precise control: Fast and accurate response of hydraulic valves is achieved through electrical signals.

High reliability: rugged design, adaptable to harsh environments, and strong durability.

Simple maintenance: The structure is relatively simple and easy to install and maintain.

Elevate your hydraulic systems with our advanced hydraulic coils, designed for optimal performance and reliability in various applications.Please contact us!


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