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4v solenoid valve
2018-04-23 by bridge
Installation of 4v solenoid valve:

1. Before use, check whether the component is damaged during transportation and then install it;

2. Please pay attention to the direction of gas flow and whether it is correct when installing. The medium must be filtered through a 40um filter;

3. Please pay attention to whether the installation conditions meet the technical requirements and then install them;

4. Pay attention to the direction of gas flow during installation,P is the inlet port, A(B) is the working port, and R(S) is the exhaust port;

5. Try to avoid using in a vibrating environment, and pay attention to anti-freeze measures at low temperature;

6. When connecting to the pipe, pay attention to the winding of the stop belt should not exceed the end face of the joint, pay attention to remove the dust and iron dust in the pipe joint, and avoid impurities or foreign bodies into the valve body;

7. Please pay attention to the dustproof, and suggest that the exhaust port should be installed with muffler or silencer. Remove the need to be in the inlet and outlet of the dust jacket.

8. When the whole machine is debugged, it is recommended to use the manual device for debugging, and then the commissioning of the machine.

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