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Under what circumstance does urea pump solenoid valve not work?
2018-05-04 by bridge

Urea pump solenoid valve electricity not turn but hand around will turn: 1. The conveyor capacitance shrink or swell breaking, (start winding under this state does not work, work, running winding fingers pluck blade can rotate, shun dial clockwise rotation, backwash inversion. Replaced with capacitive) 2. Bearing wear, (after bearing wear makes the rotor shaking, rotor rotating magnetic field on the central axis, produces the phenomenon of reluctance rotor to rotate, must replace the bearing).

Electricity is not changed hands does not turn, motor burning or without any movement: 1. The plug is not electricity, check whether the power cord in good condition, check whether the timer is not transferred to channel state 2. Winding overheating protection insurance on open circuit, apart of the stator end cover, where the tap density has little fingernail insurance, to pick out it will be short on both ends meet. 3. The rotor card dies, showing a clear blocking feeling for the rotating blade of the unplugged hand. When rotating the fan blade, stop, add lubricating oil or replace the bearing. 4. Winding circuit, even in the absence of anxious burnt flavour is also likely to make the winding damage, often appear the tap of the cause of the problem is due to the high temperature makes the solder oxide or other reasons, winding of copper clad aluminum wire poor contact directly disconnect, even be welding tap or replace the stator winding.

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