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The difference between inox valve and fluorine valve.
2018-05-07 by bridge
Inox valves, cast inox material of the valve, has certain corrosion resistance, but met too much strong hydrochloric acid and other corrosive medium, inox 316 l is generally used only a few months or a few weeks, if there is a corrosive medium, suggest to buy four fluorine valve, cast steel liner than 316 l not only cheap, and the use of time will greatly increase and valve factory tend to one year warranty.

The fluorine valve is made of ordinary steel valves with special moulding process, and the four-fluorine sealing surface of the valve is increased by four fluorine. The sealing surface is compact and good, and the v-type PTFE packing combination is used to achieve zero leakage. The valve and stem are cast into one body, so as to avoid the possibility of the valve stem bursting out of the pressure part due to the pressure change, and the safety in use is guaranteed. Full plastic lining process, strong corrosion resistance of medium.

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