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  • RFS-410-EX


ex-proof type EXDII BT4

Explosion proof limit switch box RFS-410-EX grade is EXDII BT4 standard explosion proof limit switch box .Limit switch box with feedback thread is G3/4".actuator position indicator suit for actuator RAT270-RAT400.Explosion proof switch box RFS-410-EX is mechanical type.

Limit switch box is designed based on advanced technology which are solid beautiful,high-level quality and with the following characteristice
1.Visual position indicator and waterproof type.
2.Easy to set without tool based on spring loadedplined cam.
3.There are many connection terminal and 8pcs of points,easy to connect and safety.
4.Standard dual cable connections.
5. No worry to loose bolts while cover opens.
6.Namur standard stainless steel shaft and bracket.

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Product Details

Model RFS-210N/RFS-310N RFS-410-EX
Explosion proof IP67 EXDII BT4
Ambient Temp -25℃ - 85℃
Cable Entry G1/2" G3/4"
Terminal stripe 8
Position indicator 0℃ - 90℃
switches mechanical type
Potentiometer 1 KΩ
current 4-20mA

Overall Dimension

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