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  • XY-15


15mm Micro valve

Mirco valve is knitting machine valve.Mirco valve can used in single or manifold for different application ,One inlet with several outlets based on manifold ,Mostly used in textile machine ,stocking machine ,Knitting Machine etc ,Also as pilot valve for the pilot type valve or control the mini cylinders.
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Product Details

Model XY-15 / XY-15B / XY-15C
Media Compressed Air
Working Type Direct Action 3/2
Pattern Normally close
Orifice 1.4 mm
Connection Port M3 - M5 Manifold
Working pressure 0-0.7Mpa
Working Temperature -5~ 55 ℃
Rated Voltage DC24V
Power 2.3 W
Valve body material PA 66
Seal Material NBR
Response Time Within 10ms
Working Life 50 million Cycle

Overall Dimension

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