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Annual conference of XingyuRfs 2018

Looking back on 2017, we will work hard and achieve fruitful results, and look forward to our future, we go on and have confidence. "New starting point, new journey, new dream", annual conference of XingyuRfs held in Aiyimei Hotel on Feb 3rd 2018.

With nearly 400 participants, all the staff gathered in a cheerful, peaceful and lively atmosphere to celebrate the glory of 2017 and seek for the great success of 2018.

The opening of the annual meeting - guessing lantern riddles.

The red lantern is filled with all kinds of riddles, and the staff took the puzzles to the table, and they got a nice little gift when they answered right, and we had to say that the staff had a really good answer, and they were all very good at it.

After the preheating of the lantern riddle, we came back to our main venue. The directors of the company, led by the chairman, President and general manager, walked slowly through the red carpet to send the New Year greetings to the employees.

The following is the opening performance of the party, and the wonderful program always has to be combined with the raffle to bring the annual meeting atmosphere to the climax again and again. To believe, the prize sometimes comes to you without warning, and gives you a big surprise!

At the New Year dinner, all my colleagues toasted to the New Year, and wish the future of XingyuRfs better

The whole meeting was concluded in harmony, warmth, passion and joy. Looking back on 2017, we worked together to achieve common harvest. Looking forward to 2018, we have the same goal and full confidence.

Happy New Year to all staff and family! New starting point, new journey, new dream -- wish XingyuRfs to be brilliant again in 2018!

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