Pressure Control Components

Pressure Control Components

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Pressure control components are devices used to manage and regulate the pressure of fluids, typically air or gases, within a system. They play a vital role in ensuring that pressure levels are maintained within desired ranges for optimal performance and safety.Pressure Control Components China mainly includes Electro-Pneumatic Valve (EPV), Digital Pressure Switch (DPS) and Compact Proportional Valve.

Electro-Pneumatic Valve (EPV): 

An Electro-Pneumatic Valve is a type of valve that uses electrical signals to control the flow of compressed air or gases in pneumatic systems. These valves typically consist of a solenoid or other electro mechanical actuator that opens or closes the valve based on the input received from a control system. EPVs are commonly used in industrial automation applications where precise control of airflow is required.

Digital Pressure Switch (DPS): 

A Digital Pressure Switch is a device used to monitor and control pressure levels within a system. Unlike traditional pressure switches that rely on mechanical components, digital pressure switches use electronic sensors to measure pressure and provide digital output signals. They often feature programmable setpoints, digital displays, and communication capabilities, allowing for more accurate pressure monitoring and control.

Compact Proportional Valve: 

A Compact Proportional Valve is a type of pneumatic or hydraulic valve that provides proportional control of fluid flow or pressure. These valves allow for precise regulation of flow rates or pressure levels in proportion to the input signal received from a control system. Compact proportional valves are known for their compact size, high performance, and reliability, making them ideal for applications where space is limited or precise control is essential.

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