Right Angle Pulse Jet Valve

Right Angle Pulse Jet Valve

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What is Right Angle Pulse Jet Valve?

A Right Angle Pulse Jet Valve is a type of pneumatic valve used in dust collector systems, particularly in pulse jet baghouses. These valves are crucial components for controlling the flow of compressed air in the cleaning process of filter bags or cartridges in dust collection systems.


Right Angle Pulse Jet Valves typically feature durable construction, reliable operation, and fast response times to ensure effective cleaning of filter elements while minimizing air consumption and energy usage. They are commonly used in various industries such as manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, wherever there is a need to control dust and particulate matter in industrial processes.

Features of Right Angle Pulse Jet Valve

Convenient Installation: 

The Right Angle Pulse Jet Valve features inlet and outlet ports with threaded fixing nuts, facilitating easy and quick installation with a secure connection.

Excellent Flow Characteristics: 

The Right Angle Pulse Jet Valve is designed to offer superior flow characteristics, allowing for smooth and efficient passage of air or fluid through the system.

High Flow Rate and Overload Capacity: 

It boasts a high flow rate capability, making it suitable for applications requiring significant airflow. Additionally, it exhibits overload capacity, ensuring reliable performance under demanding conditions.

Fast Response: 

The Right Angle Pulse Jet Valve features fast response times, enabling rapid actuation for precise control. It operates with minimal noise levels, contributing to a quieter working environment. Furthermore, it consumes low energy, promoting energy efficiency and cost savings.

Long Service Life: 

With its stable and robust design, the Right Angle Pulse Jet Valve offers longevity and durability, ensuring a long service life even in demanding industrial environments. It is built to withstand continuous operation and harsh conditions, providing reliable performance over time.

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