Rotary Actuators/ Air gripper

Rotary Actuators/ Air gripper

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Rotary actuators and air grippers are pneumatic components used in automation and robotics systems to perform specific mechanical movements and tasks.

Rotary Actuators: These devices convert pneumatic pressure into rotary motion. They typically consist of a piston housed within a cylindrical chamber, connected to a rotating shaft. When pressurized air is introduced into the chamber, it pushes the piston, causing the shaft to rotate. Rotary actuators are used to drive rotary motion in various applications such as indexing, clamping, and positioning in industrial machinery and equipment.

Rotary Actuator Application

Valve Actuation: 

In fluid control systems, rotary actuators are used to actuate valves for regulating the flow of liquids or gases in pipelines, process equipment, and industrial machinery. They provide precise control over valve position and can operate in harsh environments.

Packaging Machinery: 

Rotary actuators are integrated into packaging machinery to perform functions such as lid sealing, label application, and product orientation. They contribute to the efficient operation of packaging lines by automating repetitive tasks and improving productivity.

Machine Tools: 

Rotary actuators are employed in machine tools such as rotary tables, indexing heads, and tilting fixtures to facilitate machining operations such as milling, drilling, and grinding. They enable the workpiece to be positioned accurately for machining from multiple angles.

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