SB116 Valve

SB116 Valve

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High Pressure Solenoid Valve

Discover unparalleled pressure control with High Pressure Solenoid Valve, meticulously crafted for supreme performance in demanding environments.

High Pressure Solenoid Valve Features:

Robust Pressure Handling: Engineered to excel under high-pressure conditions, this 2 way solenoid valve ensures resilience and longevity. Choose confidence in every operation.

◆ Precision Flow Control: Experience the power of seamless on/off control and fine-tune flow rates with ease. Ideal for applications demanding precision in fluid management.

◆ Versatile Applications:

HVAC Systems: Maintain optimal climate control with our valve's efficient performance.

Water Supply: Ensure a steady and reliable water flow for your systems.

Industrial Process Control: Elevate your industrial processes with precision control.

Irrigation Systems: Achieve efficiency in irrigation with dependable valve functionality.

◆ Advanced Sealing Mechanisms: Your assurance against leaks – solenoid valve incorporates cutting-edge sealing materials like PTFE (Teflon), EPDM, and NBR. Each material meticulously selected for fluid compatibility, ensuring a leak-free environment.

◆ Adaptable Connection Types:

Threaded: Streamline installation with threaded connections.

Flanged: Enhance stability and compatibility with flanged connections.

Compression Fittings: Optimize your system's efficiency with secure compression fittings.

◆ Built for Endurance: Low-maintenance and designed for an extended service life, our High Pressure Solenoid Valve delivers consistent performance, adapting to diverse applications.


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