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  • XY-3800


7~240VAC/DC digital display timer

Drain valve timer, timer, timing controller.;
7V-240V digital timer for solenoid valve;
DIN43650A terminal timer;
Xingyu brand timer with CE certified;
Timer controller for solenoid valves to open and close automatically;
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Product Details

Power supply High voltage type AC/DC 110~240V(XY-3800H);
Low voltage type AC/DC 7~36V(XY-3800L)
Class protection IP65-EN60529
Wide adjustable range of time Open time:1Sec~10Min;
Close time:1Sec~99h59min59sec;
Function Model Cycle Model (Two kinds:open and close or close and open);
Single Model (Two kinds:open at scheduled time or closed at scheduled time);
Switch capacity 1A/3A
Indicators Light open is ON,light out is OFF;
Termination DIN43650A

Overall Dimension

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