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ERV new design:
New precision manual pressure regulator four great advantages:

1.Easy to adjust the current air pressure by turning the knob
2.Display screen shows the current air pressure
3.Maximum 6 different air pressures can be stored
4.Switch to the saved air pressure data by single touch

XY5140 Manifold new functions

1.Easy to disassemble and assemble the solenoid valves
2.Combined gas supply line and exhaust line into one

Medical proportional valve specifications and application

1.Widely used in anesthesia machine and ventilator for air pressure control
2.It can work in a vacuum environment
3.Normal power is 0 to 2.5W
4. Hysteresis is less than 5% of its maximum pressure difference
5.Repeat precision is less than 1%

New product: high-frequency valve

1.Applied to jet loom
2.Frequency up to 25Hz, working life up to 1 billion times
3. Easy to maintain and install
4.Low power consumption

New invention: 5V210 solenoid valve

1.Hidden manual device to avoid misoperation
2.Lighter and smaller than 4V210
3.Two connection type: vertical or parallel
4.Low power consumption of 2.5W

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