Float Type Drain Valve

Float Type Drain Valve

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RD50016-15G Float Type Drain Valve

  • Automatic Discharge

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What is RD50016-15G Float Type Drain Valve?

A float type drain valve is an automatic device used to remove condensate (water, oil, or other liquids) from compressed air systems, steam systems, and other industrial processes where condensate collects. These valves operate based on the liquid level within a chamber, using a float mechanism to open and close the valve.

Key Features Of Float Type Drain Valve:

Automatic Operation: Operates without manual intervention, ensuring continuous and efficient removal of condensate.

Reliability: Designed to operate reliably in various conditions, including high pressure and temperature environments.

Durability: Typically made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel to withstand harsh conditions.

Maintenance-Friendly: Simple design allows for easy maintenance and inspection.

Applications Of Float Type Drain Valve:

Compressed Air Systems: Removes condensate from air compressors, air receivers, and air lines to prevent water accumulation that can damage equipment and reduce efficiency.

Steam Systems: Used in steam traps to remove condensate from steam lines, ensuring efficient steam operation and preventing water hammer.

Refrigeration Systems: Drains condensate from evaporators and other components to maintain system efficiency.

Fuel and Oil Systems: Removes water and other contaminants from fuel and oil storage tanks.

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Product Details

Connection portsG1/2"
Seal materialNBR
Working pressure0-16Bar
Max. pressure20Bar
Working Temp.-10℃~80℃
Valve bodyAluminum
Working typeLeverage and Buoyancy Type

Overall Dimension

RD50016-15G Float Type Drain Valve

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