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Pneumatic and Automation Components

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Automation components are very important in industrial automation components and control equipment. They mainly have functions such as controlling fluids, executing motion, and maintaining pressure. Xingyu provides a variety of high-quality Automation Industrial Components to help you improve your Automation Industrial Components and Pneumatic Components.

Types of industrial automation components

Directional Control Valve

Xingyu's directional control valves are crucial components in high-performance pneumatic components systems. They precisely manage the direction of airflow, ensuring accurate movements and operations in various automation applications.

Pressure Control Components

Xingyu provides a range of pressure control components to effectively manage pressure within pneumatic systems. These components include pressure regulators and other key elements, ensuring stable pressure under different working conditions.

Vacuum Equipment

Xingyu's vacuum equipment is designed for high-performance applications involving suction, handling, and other vacuum-based processes. They reliably create and maintain vacuum within the system, catering to diverse automation needs.

Rotary Actuators/ Air Gripper

Xingyu offers rotary actuators and air grippers designed to meet the demands of various automation tasks. These components facilitate rotational movements and gripping actions, enhancing the versatility of pneumatic systems.

Air Cylinder

Xingyu's air cylinders play a vital role in pneumatic systems, providing linear motion for a wide range of applications. These cylinders are designed for precision and efficiency in automated processes.

Linear Motor

Xingyu's linear motors are high-performance components that contribute to the linear motion of automation industrial components systems. They offer reliable and precise movement, ensuring optimal performance in diverse industrial applications.

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